About this blog

Welcome to The Value Of a Veteran’s blog, a collection of articles related to improving recruitment and retention of military veterans.

We use the broadest definition of “veteran”:  transitioning military, veterans (those already separated or retired from military service), those still serving in the Guard or Reserve, veterans with disabilities and military spouses.

The information expressed in this blog is a free supplement to the training products we offer at The Value Of a Veteran.  The Value Of a Veteran is a human resources training and consulting firm that teaches organizations HOW to improve the recruitment and retention of military veterans.

NOTE:  From September 2008 – September 2011 I contributed blog articles on recruiting veterans at HireMilitary.com.  If you are looking for additional information on how to recruit and retain veterans and you don’t see the material covered in this blog, I encourage you to visit HireMilitary.com and do a key word search to find the dozens of articles I wrote during those 3 years.

1 thought on “About this blog”

  1. It’s also about getting Vets to consider what skills they have that are transferrable: i.e. Entrepreneurship!! Nothing could be better suited for a Vet than the skills they’ve acquired that could lead them to start their own business. Check out “How to Start a Business: Mac Version,” written by a Vet to inspire Vets in their new endeavor. The Greatest Generation did it, why can’t this one?

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