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Jaws dropped in the talent acquisition community last week when when Zappos announced that it was doing away with job postings.  Moving away from the traditional “post and pray” model, which generally results in an overwhelming number of applicants which makes it hard for amazing candidates to stand out, Zappos has created an “Insiders” group.  People interested in working for Zappos can join the group, which will allow them to engage directly with Zappos employees and respond to digital Q&A’s and contests which are designed to screen for cultural fit.

I think this model could work brilliantly for hiring transitioning military and veterans for the following reasons:

  1. Employers will learn far more about a veteran’s skills, capabilities and potential by actually talking to them and asking questions versus expecting the resume to tell the story
  2. The veteran will not be discouraged from applying by the jargon and industry-speak typically found in traditional job postings
  3. Transitioning military begin exploring civilian career opportunities far in advance of their service contract end date, making them ideal candidates to work within a pipeline recruiting model like this one
  4. Having tests for cultural fit and adaptability in advance of a hire will help dispel myths that veterans are rigid, command-and-control driven, un-creative and non-innovative
  5. Zappos is using software to sort those that apply for the Insiders group by skills and personal interests.  Presumably, software like that could help recruiters understand more quickly where an infantryman or a yeoman would fit within the organization since they have already identified the critical knowledge and applied skills required by position and the service member will indicate the knowledge and applied skills they have.

What do you think?  What challenges and benefits do you see with this model (in general) and it potential for veteran recruiting specifically?  Post your comments below!  Also, take a moment to vote on whether you like this recruiting model.